The Arigato Money Technique

The Arigato Money Technique – A Japanese Secret to Attracting Abundance!

Created by Zen millionaire Ken Honda (The Arigato Money Technique) has researched thousands of millionaires. His research indicates most people view money in three different ways:

  1. Most people believe that money is like sharp ice, it’s cold and frightening.
  2. Some people believe money is like a river, it flows.
  3. Successful people believe money is like air, it is natural as breathing. We do not think about it, it just happens.

Money is something we spend and receive our entire lives. This Japanese technique, which is very popular is known as “The Arigato Money Technique.”

“Arigato” translated means “thank you.”

This technique is powerful, yet very simple. You are grateful when you receive money (no matter the amount) and are equally grateful when spending money. You are simply saying “thank you” during this process.

Ken Honda describes “unhappy money” as:

“Unhappy money is like alimony from an unhappy divorce or money you hate from a job or money you don’t want to spend on bills”

He describes “happy money” as money being set aside for loved ones or spending on something you truly enjoy.

Money is circular energy. This amazing and powerful Technique creates a positive and happy flow of money.

Find your “Arigato” money flow mindset, be filled with ultimate abundance and become the person you are meant to become. This mindset is so easy to accomplish, just follow each step and trust your intuition. 

With Love,

Fanis Makrigiannis | Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner Neuro-linguistic Programming | Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis

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About the author: Fanis Makrigiannis of Mind Spirit Body Hypnosis is certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

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